William J. Reilly Coronary CTA Fund

In 2001, AMI introduced Coronary CT Angiography (CCTA), technologically the most advanced non-invasive CT exam for detecting coronary artery disease available in the world. Since then, AMI has accumulated one of the world’s largest case experiences of more than 10,000 examinations, setting the standard of excellence in Coronary CTA.

In 2004, the AMI Foundation formed the William J. Reilly Coronary CTA Fund. The fund provides free or low cost Coronary CTA exams to patients at risk for heart disease based on eligibility.

Bill was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Atlantic City. He graduated from Villanova University and became a Certified Public Accountant. He founded the partnership Reilly & Matthews, CPA, which survives today as Reilly, Matthews, Bonocini. Many of Bill’s friendships go back to grade school. With Bill it was, “Once a friend, always a friend.” He loved his family and friends, his occupation, his partners, his employees and his clients. Bill was a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. In 1986, Bill was diagnosed with very high cholesterol and triglycerides, and then eventually with heart disease. He never had a sign of trouble, was never out of breath, never had pain, but had been put on many different heart medications. His life never slowed down and he traveled all over the world. He worked every day, golfed often and enjoyed life.

His first catheterization took place in 1988 and then again in 1996, along with many doctors’ visits, stress tests, blood tests, diet changes, etc. In November 2002, Bill had another stress test and catheterization which showed he needed “some repair work”, but nothing that needed immediate attention... Two weeks later, Bill died in his sleep. We had put up the Christmas tree that day and had talked about the holidays, the upcoming tax season and our next vacation. He was happy, content, full of energy and looking forward to enjoying family and friends.

I feel confident that Coronary CTA would have made a difference in Bill’s life and for everyone who knew him. The unknown would have been known earlier, the urgency of his condition would have been discovered, there would have been less invasive procedures, and most of all, our life might have continued as we knew it. One of Bill’s favorite expressions was “Keep the Faith”... I have kept the faith, but the availability of this technology certainly would help many people who don’t know that their faith might soon be tested.

– Joanne Reilly

To download an ELIGIBILITY FORM, please CLICK HERE >

IMPORTANT: This application will be used to determine if you are eligible to receive a free or reduced fee Coronary CTA from Atlantic Medical Imaging. Information you provide on this form will be used for that purpose only and will be kept confidential.

1. Please complete the Financial Eligibility Form.  (Please print)

2. Attach proof of all income your household receives as follows:

If you are paid every two weeks, attach the last three pay stubs or direct deposit stubs from all your employers. Make sure the pay stubs show the pay periods, gross income and hourly rate or salary. If you are paid monthly, attach the last three pay stubs or direct deposit stubs. Make sure the pay stubs show the pay periods, gross income and hourly rate or salary.

If you are paid weekly, attach the last four pay stubs or direct deposit stubs. Make sure the pay stubs show the pay periods, gross income and hourly rate or salary.

If self-employed, attach copies of your most recent tax return and proof of current year’s earnings.

If you do not have pay stubs or direct deposit stubs, we will accept a letter from your employer stating your current pay rate.

If you are eligible for a reduced fee Coronary CTA exam, payment is due at time of service.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Marc D'Arcangelo at (609) 653-6708.

Return Financial Eligibility Form and Income Documentation to:
Atlantic Medical Imaging, LLC
Attn: Marc D'Arcangelo - CTA
Bayport One Office Building
8025 Black Horse Pike, Suite 300
West Atlantic City, NJ 08232

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